Published On: Thu, Jan 26th, 2017

Facebook brings the Slideshow movie-maker to Android

This past summer, Facebook introduced a new photo-sharing pity apparatus called Slideshow that’s means to spin your photos and videos into mini-movies that also embody themed song and transitions. The underline had originated in Facebook’s private photo-sharing app Moments before creation a approach over to a categorical amicable network.

The thought is to offer Facebook users an easier approach to emanate some-more compelling, enchanting posts as an choice to simply posting a video or a garland of immobile photos.

The Slideshow movie-maker had also arrived during a time when many tech companies, Apple and Google included, are perplexing to figure out new ways to assistance users do some-more with their now countless photos and videos, while also assisting to automate sharing. Apple final year announced a mini-movie builder called Memories in iOS 10, for example, and Google Photos has prolonged given included several programmed print tools, including a possess film maker.

At launch, Facebook’s chronicle would prompt users who were posting their standing to emanate a Slideshow if they had snapped some-more than 5 photos or videos in a final 24 hours. A “Try It” symbol also seemed subsequent to friends’ slideshows we were viewing.

Now, however, you’ll see a choice seem when we click on a Status bar (“What’s on your mind?”) alongside a others, like Photo/Video, Go Live, Check In, Feeling/Activity, etc.

This is where it will be found on Android as well.


Image credit: Android Police

Slideshow’s Android launch was initial speckled by a blog Android Police, that remarkable that a choice is appearing in this same section, usually above a “Tag Friends” option. Not everybody is nonetheless saying this feature, though.

Facebook reliable to us that it has usually started to exam a underline on Android, and usually a tiny percentage of users are saying it seem for a time being.

It’s engaging that it’s still being characterized as a “test,” given that a underline has been live on iOS for over half a year. But given it’s not a full rollout yet, it’s probable that Facebook will make some tweaks forward of a open launch.

The film builder fundamentally works the same on Android as on iOS for now. You’re stirred to name from a gallery of your possess photos and videos, and then set your pretension and collect your song before edition to Facebook. (Facebook provides a song choices as before – we can’t select your own.)

Facebook didn’t say when Slideshows would hurl out to all Android users, though given a feature’s maturity, that date is not expected to be too distant away.

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