Published On: Mon, Oct 2nd, 2017

Facebook brings information plan-saving Messenger Lite to U.S. Androids

Facebook’s data-conserving chronicle of Messenger is no longer only for building nations with delayed networks. Now a Messenger Lite Android app is expanding to a U.S., Canada, a U.K. and Ireland after formerly being permitted in some-more than 100 mostly building countries. Messenger Lite packs many of a vicious facilities of a app, yet skips things like Messenger Day and selfie lenses that can empty data. There’s still no devise for an iOS version, though.

Previously, Messenger Lite was essentially for users in areas with diseased bandwidth so a app would run faster. But now a enlargement into Facebook’s tip grown universe markets creates it a apparatus for penny-pinching users like teenagers who wish to equivocate blazing divided their pricey megabytes yet still stay in touch.

“We’re vehement to move Messenger Lite to Android users in 4 new markets, including Canada, Ireland, a U.K. and a U.S.,” a Facebook orator told TechCrunch. “Messenger Lite is a slimmed-down chronicle of Messenger that offers a core facilities of a app, while giving everybody a event to stay connected to their friends and family, regardless of device or peculiarity of internet connectivity.”

Facebook initial launched Messenger Lite in Oct 2016 in 5 countries before a nearby tellurian enlargement in Apr when it strike 200 million users. The new rollout could assistance Facebook attract some-more teenagers to Messenger, both normal and Lite. That’s since if downloading Lite creates them respond to some-more messages some-more quickly, it thereby encourages friends to hang with Messenger instead of delinquent behind to SMS or iMessage, or deviate to Snapchat.

Messenger Lite

The building universe has proven a plea for Snapchat. Its video-heavy app doesn’t perform good in low-bandwidth conditions. And where there are friends who can’t use an app, people finish adult switching to one they can access. For Messenger to keep expanding over a existent 1.3 billion users, it needs to do all it can to be maximally accessible.

Though it might be harder to monetize Messenger Lite users, it’s value it for Facebook as discuss is a core of a mobile use case. If it can keep people on Messenger, it’s some-more expected to keep them in a rest of a family of apps.

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