Published On: Tue, Feb 23rd, 2016

Facebook “Birthday Cam” Encourages Videos, Not Robotic Wall Posts

Birthdays on Facebook have turn a dystopian chore. Typing “HBD” or only “Happy Birthday!” on a friend’s form is fundamentally a slightest tellurian approach to correlate with them. So Facebook is pulling people to record some-more insinuate greetings with a new Birthday Cam underline rising currently on iOS.

A ensign on a birthday child or girl’s form will appeal we to constraint a video summary adult to 15 seconds long. You can afterwards supplement special birthday frames before empathize it on a friend’s wall. Oddly, a videos only seem alone rather than gathered into something some-more watchable. Even if we only contend “happy birthday,” it’s still a lot some-more singular than typing it.

Facebook Birthday WallOver a years as Facebook has grown into a entire utility, it’s also grown some bizarre emergent behaviors. From empathize fondness to mouth-watering friends to events thousands of miles from where they live, we do uncanny things to make a friends feel appreciated though going to many effort.

“Happy Birthday” wall posts are maybe a many inbred of them all. Since a early days of Facebook, it’s given we a heads-up on friends’ birthdays. That spawned a use of posting something — anything — on their wall.

Typically it’s a general “happy birthday,” though we always get those few indeed demure friends who during slightest chuck in a meme, supplement a print of we two, or conjure adult a memory. It was always good to slick by a posts on your cake day, and even count them and review a series to prior years to see if your amicable life is adult and to a right, or in need of restructuring.

Yet with time, a yearly robe mislaid some of a luster. The messages eventually felt repeated and Facebook’s expansion on mobile saw arriving birthdays changed from a web home page to a bottom of a Events add-on on mobile. Perhaps a Birthday Cam can breathe some new life into one of Facebook’s oldest rituals.

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