Published On: Thu, Feb 2nd, 2017

Facebook beats in Q4 with $8.81B revenue, slower expansion to 1.86B users

Facebook had another clever entertain in Q4 2016, earning $8.81 billion in income and $1.41 EPS. It pulled that from 1.86 billion monthly users, adult 3.91 percent this quarter, or 70 million users, from 1.79 billion, yet during a slower gait than a 4.67 percent expansion final quarter. Mobile now creates adult 84 percent of a ad revenue, a same as final quarter, accounting for $7.248 billion, signalling that Facebook has successfully finished a change to mobile.

16403280_10103472646530311_6725231622085354802_oFacebook blew past researcher estimates, that were  $8.51 billion in income $1.31 EPS. Profit reached $3.568 billion with income expansion during 177 percent YoY, compared to $2.379 billion final quarter. Revenue was adult 51 percent YoY compared to 56 percent final entertain and 59 percent in Q2. Facebook raked in $27.6 billion in sum income in 2016.

Last entertain Facebook warned that income expansion would delayed since it predicts it will run out of ad space in mid-2017, yet it seems that’s already carrying an impact. But notwithstanding this negligence of income growth, investors pushed a share cost adult 2.52 percent in after-hours trade to $136.69 following a gain announcement, after it sealed adult 2.23 percent during $133.23 progressing today. By a finish of a gain call, a after-hours share cost has slipped to only 0.94 percent up.

Daily active users strike 1.23 billion, adult from 1.18 billion final quarter and adult 18 percent YoY, compared to 17 percent final quarter. Facebook now has 1.74 billion mobile monthly users, adult from 1.66 billion final quarter, and 1.149 billion mobile-only monthly users adult from 1.055 billion final quarter.

One of a many critical and widely ignored stats is Facebook’s stickiness, or what commission of monthly users come behind any day. That stayed consistent during 66 percent, a same as final quarter. However, user expansion in a U.S. and Canada is commencement to slow, where Facebook combined only 2 million daily and monthly users this entertain to strike 180 million dailies and 231 million monthlies.


All of Facebook’s rendezvous and ad targeting is profitable off. It reached a large $19.81 normal income per user in a U.S. and Canada, adult 44 percent YoY. Globally, it strike $4.83 ARPU, adult 29.5 percent YoY. That means it’s earning scarcely $20 per user per year. The ability to fist some-more and some-more money out of any user in a determined Western markets, while usually earning some-more in building countries where it’s still growing, shows Facebook has clever earning intensity for a forseeable future.

During a gain call, CEO Mark Zuckerberg was regularly asked about Facebook’s video calm strategy. He explained that “we’re focusing on shorter form calm to start”, and that a association needs to build a tolerable ad income pity business indication to compensate veteran creators to move that calm to Facebook. Zuckerberg also conspicuous video’s swell outward of content, citing that 400 million people use Facebook Messenger audio and video job any month.


Facebook had a scattered entertain in a news after it was strike with allegations that feign news that widespread by a network helped Donald Trump get elected. Meanwhile, it was only strike currently with a $500 million chastisement for indemnification associated to Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey violation an NDA with VR association ZeniMax.

But in a meantime, Instagram has shined, and continues expanding a ad offerings. Its Snapchat Stories counterpart Instagram Stories strike 150 million daily users only 5 months after launch, and TechCrunch reported that an endless set of sources trust Instagram Stories is hidden users from Snapchat.

Now 13 years old, Facebook has shown conspicuous stamina, gripping users happily pity and Liking notwithstanding a change to mobile and a appearance of newer, some-more visual-focused amicable media platforms. As it expands deeper into discuss with Messenger and WhatsApp, and practical existence with Oculus, Facebook has a clever core business to rest on. And if it can use Instagram Stories and identical copycats in a other apps to sentinel off a hazard of Snapchat, it could continue to browbeat amicable media into a subsequent decade.

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