Published On: Mon, Jun 11th, 2018

Facebook announces Oculus Connect dates Sept. 26-27

The Oculus Connect developer discussion is behind for a fifth year of chasing a VR dream.

Facebook VP or VR Hugo Barra announced that a company’s practical reality-centric discussion would be returning to San Jose on Sep 26 and 27. In past years, Oculus has used a discussion to exhibit a latest antecedent hardware and to announce new program upgrades. This year, VR took core theatre during Facebook’s F8 developer discussion with a association regulating a eventuality to launch a $199 Oculus Go standalone headset while also showcasing a latest antecedent “Half Dome.”

It will be engaging to see what VR announcements are saved for Oculus during a possess developer-centric eventuality and either they use a event to speak some-more about prototypes like a positionally tracked “Santa Cruz” standalone, that they have discussed a growth of for a past dual years.

Registration sum for OC5 aren’t accessible nonetheless though a focus has typically left live in mid-summer.

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