Published On: Fri, Jun 23rd, 2017

Facebook announces dates for the Oculus Connect 4 conference

Facebook’s Oculus is returning to San Jose on Oct 11-12 this year to share some news about a destiny of VR during a company’s Oculus Connect 4 developers conference.

This past year’s discussion was really most focused on display off a calm being done for Oculus’ GearVR and Rift platforms. It was also important given Facebook’s participation was some-more heavily emphasized as Zuckerberg delivered most of a keynote, pity new product news.

Over a past year, Facebook has solemnly been bringing a Oculus name and care underneath a possess core brand. With a volume of VR news popping adult during F8, some wondered either Oculus Connect’s days were numbered, yet eventually it seems Facebook continues to trust a gaming concentration of a discussion needs a possess stage.

This will be a discussion underneath Facebook VP of VR Hugo Barra, who took over a reigns a few months ago after CEO and co-founder Brendan Iribe unexpected stepped down in December. This also will be a initial discussion given co-founder Palmer Luckey left a company, yet he was absent from a gathering core final year, as well.

Discussion of new gaming exclusives is mostly a subject during Oculus Connect. This year will be interesting, generally as Oculus was left out of a loop during E3 as a series of VR titles emerged from games publisher Bethesda, including Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Doom, that will not be entrance to a Rift due to a ongoing authorised troubles between a primogenitor company, ZeniMax Media, and Oculus.

This year we can substantially design to see a new chronicle of a all-in-one “Santa Cruz” headset prototype, that is hopefully removing closer to apropos a reality. It’s early, so no sum on OC4 registration or a talks that will be given, yet we’ll keep we updated.

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