Published On: Sat, Oct 24th, 2020

Facebook and Twitter CEOs to attest before Congress in Nov on how they rubbed a election

Shortly after voting to pierce brazen with a span of subpoenas, a Senate Judiciary Committee has reached an agreement that will see a CEOs of dual vital amicable platforms attest willingly in November. The conference will be a second vital congressional coming by tech CEOs organised this month.

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg will answer questions during a hearing, set for Nov 17 — dual weeks after choosing day. The Republican-led cabinet is chaired by South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, who set a bulletin to embody a “platforms’ censorship and termination of New York Post articles.”

According to a new press recover from a committee, lawmakers also devise to use a record as a high-profile port-mortem on how Twitter and Facebook fared on and after choosing day — an emanate that lawmakers on both sides will positively be happy to puncture into.

Section 230 will be on a chopping retard during a subsequent large tech hearing

Republicans are fervent to press a tech CEOs on how their particular platforms rubbed a indeterminate story from a New York Post purporting to news on hacked materials from presidential claimant Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. They perspective a occurrence as justification of their ongoing claims of anti-conservative domestic disposition in height process decisions.

While Republicans on a Senate cabinet led a preference to vigour Zuckerberg and Dorsey into testifying, a committee’s Democrats, who sat out a opinion on a subpoenas, will expected move to a list their possess questions about calm moderation, as well.

Senate subpoenas could force Zuckerberg and Dorsey to attest on New York Post controversy

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