Published On: Tue, Dec 20th, 2016

Explain Everything, a digital whiteboard, raises $3.7 million to move training to a iPad

Should we be meddlesome in a lifecycle of a bee or a sorcery of shave art and equations afterwards Explain Everything would like a world. This Wroclaw, Poland-based association offers a arrange of iPad-powered whiteboard that lets we collaboratively arrangement drawings and text, equations, and even stamp out fun (and educational) shave art presentations.

The association recently lifted $3.7 million with a turn led by EBRD, with Credo, RTA and NEV participating in sequence to enhance their product outward of Europe. The product has been downloaded over 4 million times and they have 840,000 monthly active users.

Bartosz Gonczarek, Piotr Sliwinski, and Reshan Richards combined a complement to concede students and teachers share drawings and records in genuine time. It works by seamlessly displaying a common sketch on mixed inclination and it can even be used on desktops and tablets. The Los Angeles propagandize district has it commissioned on all 70,000 of a iPads and it is on 50% of all educational iPads in a UK.

The plan came about when Gonczarek and Sliwinski combined a unsuccessful animation module called PhotoPuppet. From out of a remains of that startup a span met a New York-based preparation who helped them labour a Explain Everything concept.

“One day in Oct 2010 we found a singular Twitter post by Reshan Richards. He had only downloaded PhotoPuppet and was oblivious about a many features. we immediately emailed him and afterwards we talked for a prolonged time over Skype and email. Reshan wanted to make a screencasting app only like PhotoPuppet, though redesigned for preparation – carrying a mutated user interface and some-more tools. It incited out that we were operative on really identical concepts simultaneously, though from opposite points of view. Partnering with Reshan was healthy as it would finish a team’s skillset by adding his abilities and background,” pronounced Sliwinski.

“We lifted a additional $3.7 million in sequence to take a preparation app even serve into a business and corporate market. It’s good for scheming discerning reason videos, brainstorming and capturing ideas, and use videos instead of emails,” he said.

Generally a app is arrange of a Powerpoint for preparation finish with animations, gestural annotations, and a ability to play behind and record videos from your presentations. While Explain Everything can’t explain, say, because toast always falls butter-side down, we could feasibly use it to emanate a display about a subject.

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