Published On: Mon, Jan 28th, 2019

Exclusive: The Making Of Observer, A Cyberpunk Horror Set To Terrify The Nintendo Switch


One of several arriving Switch games that has unequivocally grabbed a courtesy over a final few weeks is Observer, a psychological fear streamer to a console after this year. We were propitious adequate to be invited to Kraków, Poland for a discerning meddler around a Bloober Team bureau (and by “we”, we meant Alex – the propitious so-and-so) and to have a good discuss about a diversion and a development.

We sat down with Bloober Team lead designer, Wojciech Piejko, and code manager, Rafał Basaj, to find out accurately how a diversion like this becomes a reality. The group tells us how, after a knowledge with Layers of Fear: Legacy, a studio believes it can unequivocally concentration on fear titles going forward, before giving us a poetic discernment into a technical strategies used to truly move a diversion to life.

It’s good value a watch if we do contend so ourselves, so we’ll stop waffling and let we suffer it for yourself. If we wish to review all about a impressions from a hands-on time with a game, feel giveaway to check out a preview right here.

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