Published On: Mon, Jul 31st, 2017

Ex Googler Says Android Phone Cameras ‘Years Behind’ a iPhone

Tightening a quarrel between Android and iPhone, Vic Gundotra, former Senior Vice President of Social during Google pronounced that Android’s camera is “years behind” iPhone camera. Gundotra also pronounced that a OEMs are not during error for a reduce camera quality, though Android OS.

In an elaborative Facebook post, Gundotra claimed that “the finish of DSLR for many people has already arrived.” To infer his point, he also posted a few comparison cinema clicked from iPhone and Android respectively. In a few cinema that he clicked with his iPhone (in Portrait mode), he captioned them “stunning” and “in a restaurant, … with no flash.”

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What triggered a Ex Googler to exam Android phones and their cameras was a respond from a user who rated a Galaxy S8 improved than a iPhone. He pronounced that a Samsung Galaxy S8 “does a improved job” when matched to a iPhone.

Android is preventing photography innovation…

Gundotra did not only stop during posting comparison pictures, he went a step forward and claimed that Android is preventing photography creation since it is an “open source (mostly) handling complement that has to be neutral to all parties.” According to Gundotra, a open-source ecosystem of Android leaves no room for a manufacturers to innovate on their possess in a hardware, as Google also implements APIs in Android to support a latest record and “that can take years.”

In a end, Gundotra wrote – “Bottom line: If we truly caring about good photography, we possess an iPhone. If we don’t mind being a few years behind, buy an Android.” He also asserted that while hardware stays critical – “The biggest creation isn’t even function during a hardware turn — it’s function during a computational photography level.”

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Development of computational photography software…

Gundotra also mentioned that Google has “fallen back” in new years, in a growth of computational photography software. According to him, Apple is proceed forward of Android since it “doesn’t have all these constraints,” that leads to a best smartphone camera on a market. He says that Apple has no constraints as it innovates in a hardware and align a program updates with latest innovations like a Portrait mode, and boat it.

Well, Gundotra is really good entitled to his opinion on a camera opening of Android and Apple. Also, there is not an unit of doubt over Apple’s uniform proceed to program and hardware, that’s where Android does lag. Admittedly, a camera opening of a iPhone 7 is amazing, though that does not meant that Android phones are proceed behind a innovation. Recent Android flagships like a Galaxy S8, OnePlus 5, and the HTC U11 also offer top-of-the-line camera performance.

What’s your take on a comparison done by Gundotra? Do we determine with his findings? Share your thoughts in a comments territory below.

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