Published On: Wed, Jun 24th, 2015

Ex-Amazon Team Launches Mona, An App That Puts A Personal Shopper In Your Pocket

Mona, a new app from former employees rising now, wants to put a personal shopper on your phone. While many mobile selling apps now work to yield users with recommendations on new products or highlight renouned trends, Mona takes things a step serve with a underline it calls “Missions.” This has it scouring online stores for products that accommodate a specific set of criteria, formed on product type, style, cost and more.

For example, we could ask Mona to tell we when a sold span of boots goes on sale, or when handbags from your favorite engineer are accessible for underneath $200.

The Seattle-based, bootstrapped startup was founded final year by Orkun Atik, formerly a comparison Product Manager during Amazon; along with Nurettin Dag, also of Amazon, who worked as a Senior Software Development Engineer; and a third co-founder who prefers to stay anonymous. Atik in sold has knowledge with personalization technologies, carrying worked on several recommendation systems while during Amazon, including its Similarities system (e.g. “Customer Who Bought X Also Bought Y,” and “Frequently Bought Together”), among other things. Dag, meanwhile, worked on a logistics height that powers Amazon’s same-day smoothness services, as good as Amazon Fresh.

The thought for a app was mostly stirred by Atik’s seductiveness in operative on information products. “I unequivocally like shopping, and thinking about all a dynamics in a marketplace and how consumer function is changing,” he says.

The owner explains there’s a lot of intensity in building a improved product that’s some-more personalized to a finish users, who have singular interests when it comes to their style, in further to variances in a sizes of garments they wear or opposite formula preferences. Plus, selling hunt and find hasn’t altered most over a past 15 years, Atik says. “Everything is orderly around products today, not people,” he adds. “Shopping should be orderly around people and their existent missions.”

While Mona’s best underline is a ability to hunt down specific products and track your favorite items, a app will also aspect a latest trends and deals, creation it some-more of a general-purpose selling app, rather than one we usually use when we have a charge in mind. Each day, a app suggests a “top 20″ list of products, though these personalized suggestions will urge over time a some-more we use a product, a owner says.

To urge a suggestions, Mona mines your email. That is, it connects with your email account in sequence to demeanour for selling newsletters, sequence confirmations, and profits – identical to a selling app Slice, for example. This squeeze information is a best information to energy Mona’s personalizations, that is because it’s not an opt-out knowledge – consumers have to be gentle guileless a association to investigate their information in sell for improved product suggestions.

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  3. 4-Deals

  4. 3-Missions

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  6. 6-Personal

At launch, Mona is tracking 100 of a tip 300 retailers in a U.S., though skeleton to enhance a selection. The association is operative with these stores’ information feeds for now, as against to doing approach integrations. That means there could be some latency as associated to a mutation of a data, during times.

The startup is also now monetizing by associate links, though eventually wants to transition to a marketplace model.

“We have clever vigilant for squeeze in a form of missions from consumers,” says Atik. “We can bond that squeeze vigilant from a buyers with a sellers in a some-more fit approach than other marketplaces,” he states.

The app, that has been in private beta for a past 5 months, is now available as a public beta on a iTunes App Store. Users can ask an entice to join from a homepage, and a association says they primarily devise to concede around 500 to 1,000 new users per day as they ready to scale a service.

TechCrunch readers, however, can use a entrance formula TECHCRUNCH to join immediately. (This formula will work for a week.) You can squeeze a new app here.

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