Published On: Wed, Feb 24th, 2016

Every Angle Of The New Samsung Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge

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Samsung directed to accumulate a best facilities of Galaxies past for their S7 line. That enclosed facilities blank from a S6 like H2O insurgency and a microSD slot, though a company also took a softened pattern from a S6 line and done it even better. Check out a photos above to see each angle of a neat new hardware and demeanour here for a run-down of all that’s new.

You’ll be certain to notice a softened design of a incomparable S7 edge as shortly as we collect one up. The sharp, prosaic behind of a S6 corner has mislaid a unpleasantness and has been replaced with easily winding edges that feels unusually some-more gentle in your hand.

Other than the new dual-SIM microSD container (which sits in a same positioning) a ports sojourn unchanged, a vital attainment given a top-of-the-line IP68 H2O resistance. On that note, Samsung reliable to me that a phone should be means to withstand a half hour of submersion during about 5 feet of depth. This means it’ll be no problem to take an S7 into a showering or pool but worrying for your device’s life.

The inclination will be accessible Mar 11, with pre-orders commencement tomorrow during 8:00AM EST.

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