Published On: Sat, Feb 29th, 2020

Evercade Lineup Grows Thanks To "Modern Retro" Titles Xeno Crisis And Tanglewood

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We’ve been following a swell of a Evercade with seductiveness over a past year, and currently a news has damaged that a 12th reliable transport for a complement will be a double container that includes Xeno Crisis and Tanglewood, dual complicated titles designed with Sega’s classical Mega Drive hardware in mind.

Xeno Crisis, as we might be aware, was grown on Sega’s console by Bitmap Bureau though has also been expelled on complicated systems, including Switch. Tanglewood was also grown within a stipulations of a Mega Drive, and perceived a earthy recover on that complement a brief time ago.

The double-pack will launch on a same day as a transport featuring a horde of Atari Lynx titles; a tangible date is to be reliable though it is approaching to be in Q3 2020.

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Here’s what Bitmap Bureau Technical Director Matt Cope had to contend about a announcement:

We’re really vehement to have a event to move Xeno Crisis to a glorious Evercade handheld, a device we’ve been monitoring given we initial listened about it. Having tested Xeno Crisis on a Evercade we were tender not usually with a build quality, though also by a customary of a emulation, and it is utterly presumably a best approach to play a Mega Drive chronicle in unstable form. The Evercade group are as ardent as we are about retro gaming, and we wish that this evolves into a long-term partnership.

The Evercade is due to launch on 22nd May. You can pre-order it here.

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