Published On: Fri, Apr 12th, 2019

Evercade Is A Brand New Cartridge-Based Handheld Console Which Connects To Your TV


A code new games console is about to detonate onto a stage and, while it’s still really early days, it looks like a Nintendo Switch competence be about to accept a hybrid complement rival.

Introducing Evercade, a “brand new handheld console with singular multi-game retro cartridges”. At present, sum on a new complement are comparatively slim, nonetheless an FAQ territory has been posted on a website to yield a small some-more info.

The console apparently already has “several publishers” on board, with 3 shortly to be announced; will “play games from a many renouned consoles of a 8bit and 16bit era”; has a rechargeable battery that will final for 4-5 hours; has a concentration on “quality over quantity”, and can bond to your TV around HDMI. No internet tie is compulsory – a complement has a retro, ‘old school’ proceed – and it will underline a shade that is 4.3 inches in distance (the same distance as a PSP).

One answer in a FAQ territory explains since a console is being produced:

“We’re retro gamers. We’re a group of ardent gamers who wish to emanate a singular height for retro gamers to suffer their favourite games. We haven’t grown this since we ‘saw a opening in a market’. This is a plan being grown with passion.”

Another explains how a games will make their approach to a console:

Where possible, we are operative directly with a strange software/emulator developers to support them for their tough work and also to safeguard their simulation is accurately reflected on a hardware – to broach a best probable knowledge for you. We will aim to share some-more information on this as we exhibit some-more about a console.

Evercade is set to launch in 2019 (an accurate recover date and some-more sum will be common soon). You can pointer adult your email on a website if you’re meddlesome in training more.

For now, we’ll leave we with a screenshot of some of a facilities we can design to suffer when it arrives.


What do we think? Are we meddlesome in conference more? Could this turn a vital actor in a retro scene? Share all your thoughts with us below.

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