Published On: Thu, Nov 9th, 2017

Essential Phone can now tide live to Facebook from a 360 camera add-on

The Essential Phone only got a camera program refurbish that will concede owners of a device to promote live, 360-degree video right from a local camera app, supposing they have a Essential 360 Camera, too. The refurbish requires no additional software, and live streaming becomes accessible as shortly as we snap a 360 camera onto a captivating appendage pier on a behind of a Essential Phone.

Snapping on a camera will foot adult a camera app as before, in 360 mode, and afterwards we can possibly daub a 360-degree Live option, or only appropriate left to switch to that mode. On initial use, you’ll have to daub that red “Live” camera symbol to login to your Facebook account, and afterwards capacitate permissions for posting to your account.

After that, we can select a strech of your broadcasts, including a customary Facebook pity options of “Only me, Friends, Friends of Friend and Public.” Users can also fill in a outline of their tide if they wish to, and afterwards daub that red idol once again to get to indeed streaming. After this initial process, you’ll be real for destiny streams.

Essential clearly has a clever faith in a intensity of 360-degree media. we spoke to a group about it being their entrance appendage for a modular connector on a Essential Phone’s back, and it’s transparent they consider that removing forward of a bend for formulating and pity 360 calm fast and simply will position them good in future. The Essential 360 Camera and Phone combo now substantially also represents a easiest probable approach to get streaming live in 360-degrees with Facebook, so we’ll see if that strikes a chord with users.

Featured Image: Darrell Etherington

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