Published On: Sun, May 3rd, 2020

Equity Shot: 1% is a new “growth”

Happy Saturday and acquire behind to an Equity Shot, a short-form part of Equity where we cavalcade into one sold topic. There was so many news this week in a categorical areas of concentration — startup appropriation rounds, new try funds, that arrange of thing — that we had to bar gain from a categorical show! (But really, check it out, as it was a good time.)

Sad, we know. Everyone certainly beheld a loss, though we collected once again on Friday afternoon to puncture into a formula all a same. A large interjection to Danny, Natasha and Chris for entertainment ’round one some-more time to get through:

  •  SaaS and craving earnings: We dug into Microsoft’s formula (TechCrunch coverage here), along with records on quarterly formula from Atlassian, Zendesk and ServiceNow. The crux is that large corp SaaS did excellent in Q1, though there are varying levels of regard per a future.
  • Subscription content: Spotify is doing excellent and Netflix crushed it, according to Danny (TechCrunch coverage here, and here, respectively). Spotify also managed to eke out a world’s funniest net income result, while Netflix shot brazen like a hare from a trap. In short, we might be listening to fewer podcasts, though we certain as ruin aren’t removing off a couch.
  • Advertising shops: While a promotion universe melts down in fantastic fashion, tech shops that are ad powered did kinda OK. Facebook did what it always does, wowing with formula and this time revelation investors that Apr was looking improved than March. Snap grew like hell, startling investors, even if a altogether cost structure is damaged when compared to a revenue. Twitter was a skip of a bunch, struggling a many after revelation investors it was still saying COVID-19 issues in April. And, finally, Alphabet did Google things, so a batch went up, COVID-19 be damned.

We avoided Tesla since who can be bothered, and managed a shortest note on Apple ever available on a business podcast. All that and we had some fun. Hugs from Equity; we’ll be right behind Monday morning!

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