Published On: Fri, Feb 16th, 2018

Equity podcast: Uber’s losing billions, Amazon lays off hundreds and somehow Instacart gets some-more money

Welcome to “Equity,” TechCrunch’s try collateral and tech business podcast.

On this week, we were assimilated by Mike Ghaffary from Social Capital, who was a ideal guest since he used to run Eat24, when it was Yelp’s food smoothness business. Food smoothness is rarely applicable to this week’s news.

First up, we talked about Uber, that is losing lots of income in Asia and also from Uber Eats. It could be essential if it wants to, says Uber’s chief, but it doesn’t wish to since a association is investing in growth. Okay!

Next, we talked about Instacart and how somehow investors are throwing even some-more income during a company. The grocery smoothness app is now value over $4 billion, on paper anyway.

And of march there’s Amazon, that mostly seems like it’s winning during everything, though hundreds of people during a association are still losing their jobs. Ouch.

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