Published On: Fri, May 11th, 2018

Equity podcast: Robinhood raises, Flipkart exits and MoviePass is using out of cash

Hello and acquire behind to Equity, TechCrunch’s try capital-themed podcast where we empty a numbers behind a headlines.

This week Matthew Lynley, Connie Loizos and myself were assimilated by Villi Iltchev, a partner during Aug Capital.

It was good that we had a full organisation on deck, as a news flew thick and sundry this week. In respect of a news cycle, we took on as most of it as we could inside a singular episode.

And as we’re certain that we guessed, we had to speak about a Flipkart-Walmart deal first. The towering transaction sees a American IRL commerce hulk with a proven ardour for e-commerce players move a India unicorn into a fold. This is a second multi-billion-dollar startup understanding for Walmart in new memory. ( was a initial unicorn to find new nest in a Walton’s rafters.)

Amazon, naturally, was a crook in a final deal. Now it will have to win alone if it can.

But we couldn’t repine, as there was some-more to do. Next adult we talked a approach by a new Robinhood round. Raising some-more than $350 million for a gratefulness of some-more than $5 billion, Robinhood has put itself scarcely out of a operation of acquisition, instead clearly betting a destiny on eccentric success. Does a organisation have a shot during flourishing into a valuation?

One association that did conduct precisely that, Dropbox, reported a initial quarter’s opening as a open association this week. In fact, it happened about 37 mins before we strike record. But notwithstanding violence famous expectations, it seems that a open markets were unequivocally anticipating for a bit more. Dropbox shares sank in after-hours trade after besting both tip and bottom lines.

To take us out, we riffed on MoviePass’s continued troubles. Sparing we a details, things demeanour bad. Again.

We had to leave a Glassdoor understanding behind so that we didn’t run too long, though we’ll be right back. Stay cool!

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