Published On: Tue, Aug 25th, 2020

Equity Monday: YC Demo Day, dual appropriation rounds and where’s Palantir’s S-1?

Hello and acquire behind to Equity, TechCrunch’s try capital-focused podcast where we empty a numbers behind a headlines.

This is Equity Monday, a weekly kickoff that marks a latest large news, chats about a entrance week, digs into some new appropriation rounds and mulls over a incomparable thesis or account from a private markets. You can follow a uncover on Twitter here, and myself here, and don’t forget to check out last Friday’s episode.

What was on a calendar this morning? All sorts of good stuff, yet a Sumo Logic S-1 did dump only after we wrapped. Here’s today’s rundown:

  • YC Demo day is this week, so make certain to hang around TechCrunch and Extra Crunch for all a coverage.
  • SPACs continue, with some-more automotive companies looking during alt-routes to a open markets. This time it’s Luminar. And, here’s a Bill Gurley post that we betrothed to couple to.
  • E-commerce and on-demand are sepulchral in China after we saw identical formula around Uber and domestic e-commerce players.
  • The Fortnite-Apple brouhaha continues with some-more filings and even Microsoft weighing in. At a same time TikTok v. The United States appears set to go to court. (Zuck is behind some anti-TikTok Washington sentiment, it appears.)
  • The Palantir S-1 has left missing. Where is it? Give it to us!
  • Dataiku has lifted $100 million for a craving AI platform. Forbes has more.
  • Datasembly has lifted $10.3 million in new collateral for a IRL store information service. TechCrunch has more.
  • The Anti-Antitrust Club is live and we can review it here. We’re perplexing to find out who is holding on a biggest names in tech on purpose. Who would be so garishly bold? The Anti-Antitrust club!

Whew, with YC and Palantir this week and a discuss with Twilio’s CEO it’s going to be an active few days. Ready?

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