Published On: Sun, Jun 20th, 2021

Equity Monday: TechCrunch goes Yahoo while welding robots lift $56M

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This morning was a important one in a life of TechCrunch a publication, as a primogenitor company’s primogenitor association motionless to sell a primogenitor association to a opposite primogenitor company. And now we’re going to have to get new corporate IDs, again, as it appears that a new primogenitor company’s primogenitor association wants to rebrand a primogenitor company. As Yahoo.


Anyway, a garland of other things happened as well:

  • Flywire, a Boston-based payments association filed to go public. More on a site about this shortly.
  • Earnings this week are entrance from Uber and Lyft and PayPal and Square and more.
  • Dell is offloading Boomi to private equity as it wants to de-lever. Again.
  • Cloud marketplace share numbers are out, though what matters is that a expansion of a cloud marketplace helps explain a expansion that we’re saying in a startup game. (Our possess Ron Miller dug into some opposition cloud metrics here.)
  • The Chinese government’s crackdown on a tech giants continues. And it’s impacting valuations.
  • And Wealthsimple lifted an epic CAD$750 million round, while Ohio-based Path Robotics only lifted a $56 million Series B. Super cool.

Cloud infrastructure marketplace keeps rolling in Q1 with roughly $40B in revenue

We’re behind Wednesday with something special. Chat then!

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