Published On: Sun, Jun 20th, 2021

Equity Monday: Jeff’s going to space, and everybody wants a square of Flipkart

Hello and acquire behind to Equity, TechCrunch’s try capital-focused podcast where we empty a numbers behind a headlines.

This is Equity Monday, a weekly kickoff that marks a latest private marketplace news, talks about a entrance week, digs into some new appropriation rounds and mulls over a incomparable thesis or account from a private markets. You can follow a uncover on Twitter here and myself here.

It’s WWDC week, so design a torrent of Apple news to pass your Twitter feed here and there over a subsequent few days. But there’s a lot some-more going on, so let’s puncture in:

  • The Weekend: A supercharged, supercharged Model S Tesla automobile is not entrance out. Instead, a merely supercharged chronicle will come out. It’s still foolish quick and expensive. And Nigeria’s fight with Twitter continued, with new efforts from a African republic to extent entrance to a amicable media use within a borders.
  • This Morning: Flipkart is lifting $3 billion during a roughly $40 billion valuation. The understanding underscores not only how large a Indian tech stage is, though also how most financier seductiveness there is in e-commerce bets some-more generally. And Jeff Bezos is going to space. Soon!
  • Funding Rounds: Trulioo lifted a $394 million Series D. The Canadian startup is now value distant some-more than $1 billion. And Chinese association Kanzhun is going open in a United States, that lifted an eyebrow here among a Equity Morning Crew.
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And that’s your start to a week. More to come from your friends here on Wednesday, and Friday. Chat soon!

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Jeff Bezos and his hermit will fly on Blue Origin’s initial tellurian spaceflight with auction winner

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