Published On: Tue, Aug 4th, 2020

Equity Monday: Could Satya and TikTok make ByteDance investors happy adequate to dance?

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As we substantially expected, we had a lot to contend about a TikTok -Microsoft tie-up that is somehow still afoot. Other things happened too, don’t worry. Here’s a rundown:

  • The TikTok-Microsoft understanding is behind on.
  • Lordstown Motors is looking to go open around a SPAC. To that we have to contend that a EV bang and SPAC vanquish are going to compound and remove some people a lot of money. Not this deal, necessarily, mind.
  • Google is transfer income into ADT as partial of a Nest deal.
  • And Zoom’s latest pierce per a Chinese marketplace feels like a messenger of times to come.
  • On a TikTok front, Microsoft never unequivocally entirely deserted consumer hardware and software, it only pruned deeply underneath a stream CEO Satya Nadella. Windows Phone? Gone. Surface? Bigger than ever. Mixer? No. Bing? Yep. That arrange of thing. And Microsoft, like any complicated super-platform, doesn’t only wish to possess your time when we are during work. It wants to bake your eyes out around a clock.
  • For a horde of ByteDance backers like Yuri Milner, Sequoia Capital China, General Atlantic, SoftBank and Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, a understanding could be rather lucrative, we presume.
  • Rounds for Wejo (coverage here), Lezzoo (coverage here) and Feather (coverage here).
  • Finally, why does Microsoft wish to buy TikTok? We had a series of ideas that all arrange of summed to maybe, though when we ran by a large tech companies that were probable suitors — ports in a Trump charge — maybe Microsoft creates some-more clarity than we would have guessed?

Whatever a case, we can’t wait until Satya announces a understanding by dancing and indicating during content on a shade while wearing something silly.

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