Published On: Tue, Jun 22nd, 2021

Equity Monday: China hates crypto, and a Vision Fund’s prophesy lives on

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Back on theme, we had a lot to get by this morning, so inside a uncover we can find a following and more:

  • The Chinese cryptocurrency clampdown is a large damn deal: With lots of a nation’s mining ability streamer offline, there’s a hasten to immigrate rigs and generally figure out what a crypto marketplace sans China competence demeanour like.
  • In a arise of a news, a value of cryptocurrencies fell. As did shares of Coinbase this morning in pre-market trading.
  • Facebook’s Clubhouse opposition is out. The American amicable hulk follows Spotify into a live-audio market. You have to give it to complicated program companies, who suspicion that they could be both heading tech shops and Kinko’s clones during a same time?
  • Revolut is unprofitable as ruin though increasingly reduction so. That could be good news for fintech as a whole.
  • Amber Group lifted $100 million; Forto lifted $240 million.

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