Published On: Thu, Nov 14th, 2019

Epic Sues Another Fortnite Tester For Leaking Chapter 2

Fortnite Chapter 2 leak, as it continues to hunt down and sue each leaker it can.

Following on from a lawsuit Epic filed during a North Carolina justice final month opposite a user knowledge tester who allegedly pennyless a non-disclosure agreement, it has now taken aim during a play tester within Montreal’s Keywords Studios, by a name of Lucas Johnston.

According to The Canadian Press, a explain was filed opposite Johnston in a Quebec Superior Court, accusing him of edition “highly trusted information” about Fortnite Chapter 2.

Johnston was presumably held on confidence camera footage holding a screenshot of a new personification sourroundings and reportedly told a justice he had emailed it to himself though did not know how it flush online.

This follows an inner review during Keywords Studios, that resulted in Johnston being sacked after it was detected he was compared with a print who leaked a picture on a Fortnite Competitions’ central forum.

Like a prior tester, Epic is now claiming Johnston spoilt a warn of Chapter 2 and disregarded a non-disclosure agreement.

As a result, a video diversion hulk is seeking vague indemnification surpassing $85k.

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