Published On: Fri, Jun 26th, 2015

Enhance Your iOS Experience With These Nifty Tricks

iOS done a entrance in 2007 with a uncomplicated pattern language, even nonetheless there were a lot of mobile OS already present. As a materialisation grew to date, users have been utterly lustful of a iOS functionality. However, to an bland user some tips and tricks still creates an impression. As any year goes by, enumerable functions are combined to a handling complement that creates it some-more able and useful to do any day stuff.

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Moving forward, this post does not concentration on singularities in terms for a sustenance of tricks. Thus, we aim to yield tricks that will be useful in your bland life that ranges from saving your battery life to accessing a tip duty in your iPhone or iPad. So lets get on to it.

Enhance Your Experience Over iOS On iPhone And iPad

iOS is advancing brazen really quick and duke knows what competence Apple have serve skeleton for it. However, whats in a palm should be sorted with perfection, that leads us to a operation of tricks for an extended knowledge over a platform.

Improve Battery Life

On a bustling day, a slightest we can design from your device is to run out of power. That a menace! However, if we possess an iOS device, we can fist out a extract to take we off a day. This is where iOS’s Grayscale underline kicks in. Turn it on and we will see a thespian boost in battery life on your iPhone or iPad. You can do this by going to Settings Accessibility Grayscale. Turn it on and we will see a colors blur away. Since yet, iOS does not have a dedicated approach to revoke energy usage, this competence come in accessible sometime.


Make A Call From iOS’s Interactive Notifications

If you’re a kind of chairman who forgets a lot and have reminders set to call a certain chairman than this underline competence make your day. Since many of us set reminders to call a compared chairman for an in-time matter to discuss, did we know that Apple’s Reminder app enables we to make a call on a second we are reminded? The pretence is intensely elementary and not many people know about it. As shortly as we get a sign on your iPhone, appropriate a interactive presentation to exhibit dual options, ‘Snooze’ or ‘Call’. You can call a chairman right divided from a Phone app that will cocktail up. This competence save we some time.

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Three Tap Shortcut

While a lot of bloggers might post apart essay for any of a accessibility shortcut, here’s one for all. It depends on we what to set on a accessibility shortcut. There are 6 options accessible that we can set for accessing when compulsory by dire a Home Button 3 times. Open Settings General Accessibility Accessibility Shortcut and name a one we need. The options include:

  • VoiceOver
  • Assisstive Touch
  • Grayscale
  • Invert Colors
  • Zoom
  • Switch Control

So name any choice according to your need or enterprise and press a Home Button 3 times anywhere and entrance a by-pass we selected. While any underline has a opposite purpose to play, set them according to we priority. You can also name some-more than one though whenever we would trigger a 3 press shortcut, a list will seem from where we will name a shortcut.Make a many of your iOS device and give these tricks a swirl. As for now, let us know if we attempted these tricks and that one is a many coolest to your ranking.

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