Published On: Mon, Dec 26th, 2016

Enable iMessage Effects with Reduce Motion Turned On in iOS – How to

iMessage effects do not work in iOS if we have Reduce Motion incited on. Thankfully, now they do, regulating a elementary trick.

Let Those Celebrations Spark Through in iMessage Even With Reduce Motion Turned On

Reduce Motion can tinge down complement animations by a outrageous margin, stealing suit illness from a equation for good. But during a same time, it can invalidate those overwhelming iMessage effects in a Messages app. If we consider that’s a outrageous understanding breaker for you, afterwards here’s what we need to do to keep Reduce Motion enabled, yet get those iMessage effects behind as well. All we need is a latest chronicle of iOS commissioned on your iPhone or iPad, zero else.


1. Assuming we have Reduce Motion incited on already and using a latest chronicle of iOS, launch a Settings app.

2. Navigate to General Accessibility Reduce Motion.

3. See that Auto-play Message Effects toggle switch? Tap to spin it ON.

With that choice enabled, a complement animations will sojourn incited off, yet iMessage effects will work as they routinely would. This is a accessible small toggle switch that was combined recently in iOS itself, putting to rest a prolonged using dispute for users.

Reduce Motion can even make your iPhone or iPad feel faster, generally if we occur to have an comparison device in hand, such as an iPad 4, or iPhone 5. But it does take divided a ‘flare’ from a OS as we burst directly into opposite places without saying an epic wizz animation with a choice disabled. Nonetheless, it’s a accessible small choice in iOS that Apple tossed into a mix.

Wrap Up

Slowly and gradually, Apple is adding facilities to iOS that raise a altogether usability for users. It was rather bizarre how Apple ignored a iMessage effects not operative emanate with Reduce Motion incited on. Now that all has been sorted out, we can rest positive many other issues will be bound in due course.

Let’s only wish battery life is on a tip of Apple’s list though.

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