Published On: Wed, Jul 21st, 2021

Employee mental health height Oliva raises $2.2M pre-seed turn led by Moonfire Ventures

Just as many other worker services have left digital, so too is mental health. In a consumer space there are flourishing startups like Equoo, though a competition is now on for a employee.

And given telemedicine has left digital and video-based, so too is mental health provision. A series of companies are already personification in this space, including Spill Chat, On Mind, Lyra Health, Modern Health, Ginger and TalkSpace For Business.

Oliva’s take on this is not to emanate a marketplace or pre-recorded videos, though to put lerned professionals in front of employees to speak directly to them. And there is even scholarship to behind it up. Indeed, some investigate suggests Psychotherapy around a internet is as good if not improved than face-to-face consultations.

Oliva’s on-demand, professional-led mental medical for employees and managers has now captivated investment to a balance of a $2.2m pre-seed investment round, led by Moonfire Ventures, a new seed-stage VC organisation from Atomico co-founder Mattias Ljungman.

The UK and Spain-based startup has also captivated angel investment from tech executives from Amazon,, DogBuddy, Typeform, Hotjar, TravelPerk, and more.

Oliva is founded by Javier Suarez, who formerly co-founded TravelPerk, and Sançar Sahin, who formerly led selling teams during Hotjar and Typeform, so both are good blooded in startups.

Suarez says he was desirous to emanate a mental health startup after a rigors of TravelPerk: “Employees are a company’s biggest item – a improved they feel, a improved your association performs. But organizations are not set adult to support their employees’ mental health in and outward of a workplace, that creates a large problem for teammates, managers, and a classification as a whole. We’ve launched Oliva to give employees entrance to extensive online mental medical and to assistance organizations overcome a associated challenges—from attracting maintaining talent and training managers to ancillary remote workers.”

Privacy is addressed around a use of a secure and encrypted personal portal, where employees can discuss with a caring provider who matches them with a professional. They get 1-to-1 video therapy sessions from a operation of mental health professionals, and can also lane their progress. 

The group has also captivated Dr. Sarah Bateup, who has spent over dual decades training and training mental medical professionals, who is now Chief Clinical Officer.

She said: “Oliva improves a proceed mental medical is accessed, supported, and paid for, while also adding some-more ongoing slip and burden to a process. Our aspiration is for Oliva to be noticed as a badge of peculiarity and set a new customary for workplace mental healthcare.”

Mattias Ljungman, Founder during Moonfire Ventures, added: “Mental health has been an ignored area of caring and wellbeing, generally in a workplace. Oliva’s founders are a usually group we’ve seen holding a holistic, impact-driven proceed to ancillary mental health. While employer-funded mental health is apropos a timeless indication in a US, Oliva is a initial to move a truly extensive proceed to UK and European businesses.”

Oliva height is integrated with Slack, providing employees with mental health drop-in sessions, therapy courses, and dedicated training and support for managers.

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