Published On: Sat, Apr 30th, 2022

Elon Musk has reportedly lined adult a new Twitter CEO, common ideas for monetizing tweets

Elon Musk has lined adult a new CEO for Twitter and told banks that concluded to assistance account his $44 billion merger offer about his skeleton to monetize tweets, according to a new news from Reuters. A source told Reuters that Musk has motionless on who he skeleton to designate as a new arch executive of Twitter, though a source didn’t name a person. Twitter’s stream CEO Parag Agrawal, who took a purpose after Jack Dorsey stepped down in November, is approaching to sojourn as CEO until a understanding is completed.

Reuters reports that Musk told Twitter authority Bret Taylor that he does not have certainty in a company’s management, that is a view that he also settled in SEC filings. Agrawal would be set for a poignant remuneration package if a understanding closes and Musk brings in new management, as he would accept $38.7 million due to a proviso in his contract, according to a company’s latest substitute filing.

Reuters reports that Musk told banks that he skeleton to rise some-more ways to make income from tweets. For example, he pronounced that he skeleton to emanate a approach to monetize tweets that go viral or embody critical information. He also suggested a thought of charging a cost when third-party websites quote or hide tweets from accurate accounts.

The Washington Post reports that Musk also brought adult a thought of profitable influencers to emanate calm for a platform, that is a business indication that has proven to be successful for TikTok. Musk is also pronounced to be meddlesome in a thought of subscription services that a association could offer.

In deleted tweets from progressing this month, Musk suggested poignant changes to Twitter Blue, that is a amicable media giant’s subscription use that is now labelled during $2.99 per month. Musk suggested slicing a price, adding a approach to compensate in dogecoin and banning advertising. In another now-deleted tweet, Musk pronounced he wants to pierce Twitter divided from a coherence on promotion for most of a revenue.

Musk had also told a banks he could moment down on executive and house compensate during Twitter to condense costs. Reuters also reports that in his representation to a banks, Musk pronounced Twitter’s sum domain is most reduce than other amicable media services, such as Facebook and Pinterest, and argued that there are ways to run a association in a some-more cost-effective way.

Bloomberg News reported this week that Musk spoke to bankers about pursuit cuts as partial of his representation to a lenders. Musk reportedly won’t make decisions on pursuit cuts until he receives tenure of a company.

Twitter says a transaction, that was unanimously authorized by a board, will expected tighten this year following shareholder and regulatory capitulation and “the compensation of other prevalent shutting conditions.” Musk will have to compensate Twitter a $1 billion stop cost if he doesn’t go by with his merger of a amicable network, per a new SEC filing. The filing, that sum a terms of a agreement, indicates Twitter would have to compensate a same cost underneath specific circumstances.

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