Published On: Tue, Jun 27th, 2017

Elite Dangerous PSVR Support May Not Come Due To Quality Concerns; PS4 Pro 4K, HDR Support May Come After Launch

Some time after a PC and Xbox One launch, Elite Dangerous, a space MMO combined by Frontier Developments, is finally creation a PlayStation 4 entrance today. To applaud a game’s release, mythological Elite creator David Braben took partial in a Reddit AMA, divulgence some new sum on intensity PSVR support and more.

As a PC chronicle of Elite Dangerous supports VR with both HTCV Vive and Oculus Rift, many have been wondering about probable PlayStation VR support down a line. Unfortunately, it seems like this won’t be function anytime shortly due to peculiarity concerns.

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I’m a outrageous fan of VR, and have been delicately following it from day one. The many critical thing is it is a good experience, and we’re not there nonetheless in terms of a quality. It’s positively something we’d like to consider, though peculiarity is vital.

In a after answer, David Braben mentioned that framerate and suit are a pivotal elements for a VR experience, hinting that, during a time, a diversion simply can't perform good in VR on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

Elite Dangerous supports PlayStation 4 Pro, charity players a choice between Performance Mode and Quality Mode, while also sporting improved altogether framerate over a strange PS4. 4K and HDR are not now supported, though it seems like they competence be entrance during a after time.

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We’re optimizing all a time, so we competence have some-more for a future, though no promises!

Elite Dangerous launches now on PlayStation 4. The diversion is also out on PC and Xbox One.

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