Published On: Sat, May 30th, 2020

Echo Looks will stop functioning in July, as Amazon discontinues a camera

Introduced in mid-2017, a Look was one of a some-more problematic — and, honestly, kind of weird — entries in a Echo line. It was a tiny camera designed to take videos and selfies of a owner, regulating appurtenance training to assistance select outfits.

No surprise, really, that it never held fire. And now, 3 years after a introduction, it’s dead. First remarkable by, Amazon sent a minute to business observant that a camera has been dropped — what’s more, use is going to be totally shuttered in July.

Amazon reliable a finish of what seems to have amounted to an examination and practice in training a appurtenance training algorithm. The association tells TechCrunch:

When we introduced Echo Look 3 years ago, a idea was to sight Alexa to turn a character partner as a novel approach to request AI and appurtenance training to fashion. With a assistance of a business we developed a service, enabling Alexa to give outfit recommendation and offer character recommendations. We’ve given changed Style by Alexa facilities into a Amazon Shopping app and to Alexa-enabled inclination creation them even some-more accessible and accessible to some-more Amazon customers. For that reason, we have motionless it’s time to breeze down Echo Look. Beginning Jul 24, 2020, both Echo Look and a app will no longer function. Customers will still be means to suffer character recommendation from Alexa by a Amazon Shopping app and other Alexa-enabled devices. We demeanour brazen to stability to support a business and their character needs with Alexa.

Not a surprise, perhaps. But a bummer for those who spent a $200 on a product. For a looks of it, though, we don’t consider a Look accurately held a universe on fire. It’s now listed as a 51st best seller on Amazon’s list of Echo products. Honestly, there’s a decent possibility this is a initial time you’re conference about it. Again, not startling for what was always unfailing to be a niche further to a Echo line.

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