Published On: Tue, Mar 17th, 2020

EB Games In Australia Cancels Its Animal Crossing: New Horizons Midnight Launch

Animal Crossing New Horizons

It should substantially come as no warn during this point, though if we live in Australia and were formulation on attending a midnight launch eventuality for Animal Crossing: New Horizons during a categorical EB Games store in Melbourne, unfortunately, a eventuality has now been cancelled.

This preference is unsurprisingly associated to a coronavirus outbreak. According to EB, “due to a supervision restrictions” cancelling vast gatherings of 500 people or more, a launch eventuality will no longer be holding place on Thursday night. The beginning fans will be means to collect adult a earthy duplicate of a diversion and a Animal Crossing-themed Nintendo Switch is Friday morning.

If you’ve opted with a digital duplicate of a diversion on Switch, apparently this won’t impact you, and you’ll still be means to play when a diversion unlocks during midnight. In associated news, Nintendo’s New York store progressing currently announced it would be temporarily shutting to forestall a widespread of COVID-19. You can review some-more about this in the prior post.

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