Published On: Wed, Jul 26th, 2017

Dying Light Content Drop #0 Now Live On PC; Includes New Weapon, Outfit And More

Recently, Techland reliable that support for Dying Light would continue within a subsequent 12 months with additional DLC packs. Today, a initial of these packs has been expelled for a PC chronicle of a game.

The initial new Dying Light giveaway DLC pack, called Content Drop #0, includes a new outfit, a new weapon, a new coterie and more. The container is now live on PC and will recover on consoles someday during September.

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These are no typical thugs though lerned professionals – good versed and passed focussed on completing their mission. They have infiltrated a Old Town so don’t let your ensure down.

Test your fight skills opposite a challenging deteriorated goon that has seemed somewhere in Harran’s Old Town.

Collect Requisition Packs forsaken by soldiers to clear this mint outfit for Kyle Crane.

The new weapon, a Harran Military Rifle, can usually be performed by induction on Gemly, Techland’s new digital placement platform.

Gemly is a digital placement height featuring disdainful calm for Techland’s games, as good as a digital store charity titles from both Techland Publishing and third celebration publishers, and a village heart for a fans of Techland’s games (to be launched soon). To applaud a recover of Content Drop #0, Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition is now 60% off around

Dying Light is now out on PC and consoles.

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