Published On: Wed, Apr 8th, 2020

Dragon Marked For Death Is No Longer Exclusive To The Nintendo Switch

Dragon Marked For DeathDragon Marked For Death

Earlier final month, Inti Creates announced a side-scrolling action-RPG Dragon: Marked for Death would be receiving a large refurbish on 21st April, bumping it adult to chronicle 3.0.0. On a same day as this, a diversion will strictly remove a exclusivity to Switch – with a developer announcing it would be rising a diversion on Steam for $39.99 USD.

The PC chronicle will clearly embody a lot – instead of being damaged adult into apart purchases – and will also be rolled out with a 3.0.0 update. The Steam inventory includes a next description, though it seems some-more like an random duplicate and paste, rather than a idea that there’ll be cross-play support.

Team adult with adult to 4 players in commune multiplayer movement around internal wireless, or go online with Nintendo Switch Online and use worldwide matchmaking complement to play with adventurers all over a world. By strategizing and operative together with your party, you’ll be means to grasp even larger formula and reap even improved rewards!

To supplement to this announcement, Inti Creates suggested a Switch recover of Dragon: Marked For Death has sole some-more than 120,000 units, and announced a Empress from a diversion would be fasten Blaster Master Zero 2 as downloadable calm on a same day (21st April) for $1.99 / 200 yen. To date, Blaster Master follow-up has shifted 250,000 units worldwide.

Did we have fun with Dragon Marked for Death while it was a Switch exclusive? Will we be returning to it to try out a 3.0.0 update? Leave a criticism down below.

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