Published On: Thu, Oct 5th, 2017

Download a 5 Best Paid iOS Apps Absolutely FREE for a Limited Period of Time

As we pierce into a weekend, it’s best to provide yourself with some paid iOS apps for free. We have 5 of them with us today, and they’re all value a look.

Paid iOS Apps Have Gone Free Today. Let’s Download them All, Shall We?

Paid iOS apps going giveaway has turn something of a normal these days. But it’s unequivocally tough to squeeze reason of a good deals out there. That’s where we come in – bringing a readers a best of a best in a sea of apps that looks differently severe on a unchanging day. So, collect adult your iPhone or iPad and start downloading a poetic program that’s accessible to download for free.

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iScan Pro – Regular cost $0.99, Now FREE

iScan Pro: turns your device into an unmachted mobile scanner. With many modifying facilities such as:

– File Manager
– Password Protection
– Anotation
– Signatures
– Print
– Page detector ( Makes croping many easier)
– PDF documents
– The best scanner croping tool
– Unmatched indicate fidelity
– Simple UI
– Rotating tool
– Greyscale
– Black white
– Color
– Share with many amicable and cloud services (if they are downloaded on your device)

Download iScan Pro for iOS [App Store link]

ManCam – Regular cost $0.99, Now FREE

ManCam is a many elementary and easy to use Custom bearing Manual Camera for your iPhone.

A absolute camera app with full control over your image. Quickly and simply adjust all parameters of your image. No some-more drumming and anticipating to get a good shot. Do what we wish a approach we dismal tit. You are in full control!

Download ManCam for iOS [App Store link]

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iPicBox Pro – Regular cost $0.99, Now FREE

Easy to use! Smooth! Awesome!
iPicBox is a many pleasing and absolute design manager that is easy to use in a world.
If we like picture, if we are dependant to collecting pictures, if we have some privacies, and would like to uncover off, yeah~That is it! Got it!

Download iPicBox Pro for iOS [App Store link]

Retro Maker – Regular cost $2.99, Now FREE

This is an aged print camera, we can name embody a old, retro, mottled, wrinkles, scratches, mold lines, leaky, black and white, yellow, film, sorcery light, 8mm, brightly colored effects, for your photos to emanate some-more memories.

Download Retro Maker for iOS [App Store link]

Rumuki – Regular cost $0.99, Now FREE

Keep your private pieces off a internet.
Your video is encrypted with dual keys stored on apart devices.
Delete a video during anytime, from possibly device.
No one can watch a video but agree from a other device – including thieves or snoops.

Your remoteness is a tip priority.
Rumuki can never entrance your encryption keys or videos.
Rumuki does not collect nonessential information to lane you.

Download Rumuki for iOS [App Store link]

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