Published On: Thu, Sep 28th, 2017

Download iOS 11.1 Public Beta 1 for iPhone & iPad

Right on cue, we can now download iOS 11.1 Public Beta 1 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Here are all a details.

iOS 11.1 Public Beta 1 is Now Available for Download. Features Same Changes as Developer-Oriented Beta Released Yesterday.

Just a day after Apple seeded iOS 11.1 Beta to purebred developers, a association is stepping things adult currently with a recover of iOS 11.1 Public Beta. This is radically a same beta build as yesterday’s, solely that it’s meant for contrast on a incomparable scale, that too for free. That’s right, distinct a developer beta, this one is positively giveaway to download and try out.

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In sequence to get started, initial of all make certain that we have a concordant device. If we can run iOS 11 on your device afterwards you’re good into a domain of contrast out this beta. With that out of a way, simply conduct over to, pointer in with your Apple ID, enroll your device, download a beta profile, and a iOS 11.1 Public Beta refurbish will be pushed to we over a air. And given a refurbish is function over a air, this means that we won’t remove your files or settings in a routine during all, that is a good thing. But still, it would be correct to emanate a backup of your device only to be on a protected side fo a fence. You can find a iOS 11.1 beta refurbish sitting in Settings General Software Update for your approval.

It’s expected that we are going to be saying several of these betas in a time to come so make certain we are prepared to refurbish as shortly as a new build drops. Also, make certain that we implement this beta on a gangling device. It would be rather foolish to use beta program as a daily driver.

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