Published On: Thu, Jul 6th, 2017

Download a Windows 10 Inspired Lock Screen for iPhone & iPad

If you’re a fan of Windows 10, and occur to be an iPhone or iPad owners as well, afterwards we competence wanna demeanour into Ventana.

Ventana Adds a Windows 10 Inspired Lock Screen to Your iPhone iPad

Even with iOS 11 Beta, a close shade on a iPhone and iPad stays unvaried in a lot of ways. There’s so most Apple can do for users, though it has motionless to let that additional shade genuine estate go to waste. However, interjection to a jailbreak community, there are ways we can piquancy adult a close screen.

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A new jailbreak tweak that goes by a name Ventana takes some cues from Windows 10 and creates good use of a additional shade genuine estate left alone by Apple on a close screen. It adds a ability to appropriate adult and transparent your device. But that’s not all, it gives a whole close shade a vital renovate by introducing some Modern UI elements along with spicing adult a notifications system.

Here’s a finish set of facilities of a Ventana tweak as per Cydia.

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1. Slide adult to unlock, even on iOS 10!
2. Support for regulating local notifications and presentation tweaks on iOS 10!
3. Custom Metro-inspired notifications on all iOS versions! (Optional on iOS 10)
4. Option to organisation notifications and arrange them by app
5. Media Controls desirous by desktop Windows 10 (for iPad) or Windows 10 mobile (for iPhone)
6. Quick respond support in notifications (iOS 9 and 10 only)
7. Siri (“Cortana-like”) suggestions on a close shade (iPad only)
8. Force hold support in notifications (iOS 10/native character only)
9. Full, unhindered entrance to close shade widgets and camera (iOS 10 only)
10. Option to capacitate close shade time seconds

Now, it contingency be done extravagantly transparent during this indicate that Ventana is a jailbreak-only tweak. It’s accessible to download true from a BigBoss repo in Cydia and costs income as well. The tweak is also concordant to work with a far-reaching operation of iOS versions – this includes iOS 8, 9 and 10.

If we are a fan of a Windows 10 close screen, and always wanted something identical on your phone or tablet, afterwards Ventana is a tweak for you.

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