Published On: Tue, Jun 6th, 2017

Downgrade tvOS 11 Beta to tvOS 10 on Apple TV 4 – How to

Here’s how we can hillside tvOS 11 Beta to tvOS 10 program regulating on Apple TV 4 in a few easy steps.

tvOS 11 Not Cutting it For You? Downgrade tvOS 11 Beta to tvOS 10 Today

While beta program is sparkling to try out, though each singular iteration comes with a many apparent downside: it’s not fit for use as a daily driver. With tvOS 11 Beta, that’s a box as well. If we trust you’ve done a mistake upgrading to Apple’s new program for a Apple TV 4, afterwards we can hillside tvOS 11 Beta to tvOS 10 right away. But of course, you’ll be means to hillside to a chronicle of a firmware that Apple is now signing. At a time of writing, a Cupertino hulk is now signing tvOS 10.2.1. So, squeeze a aforementioned firmware record from this link, and follow a stairs summarized next as they are.

Downgrade tvOS 11 Beta to tvOS 10 – Tutorial

1. Connect your Apple TV 4 with your PC or Mac regulating a USB-C to USB-C wire or a USB-C to USB-A cable.

2. Once connected, make certain we download and implement iTunes and launch it.

3. Select your Apple TV 4 from a tip left palm side of iTunes.

4. You will see a garland of information regarding to your Apple TV, though click on a Restore Apple TV symbol while holding down a left Option pivotal (Mac) or a left Shift pivotal (Windows).

5. As a new pop-up window shows up, usually name a tvOS 10 firmware record we downloaded during a start of this tutorial.

6. iTunes will now unzip a calm of a firmware file, determine it will Apple and eventually revive your device.

The whole routine will take no some-more than a few mins and iTunes will immediately chuck we a presentation when all is complete. Once that happens, usually unplug your Apple TV 4 from your mechanism and block it behind to your TV. Sign in regulating your Apple ID and use as your routinely would.

The whole routine is elementary to follow and usually takes a few mins if we have a solid Internet tie during hand. we will also advise that we keep a tvOS 10 firmware record in a secure plcae in box we confirm to ascent behind to tvOS 11 Beta.

We will be updating this post in box a new tvOS 10 firmware chronicle is released, so we can return to a applicable firmware chronicle when a need arises. Until then, keep things good and neat in your Apple TV world.

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