Published On: Tue, Jun 30th, 2015

Downgrade iPhone 4s And iPad 2 To iOS 6.1.3 Without SHSH Blobs

With an measureless dualism on suspicion about Apple’s enormous change in a iOS lineup, there are still users who wish to lapse to a comparison version, iOS 6. iOS 7 changed plateau in terms of UI overhaul, control and providing some-more customization than a predecessor. With new versions dropping each year, a removing formidable to go behind to a prior ones.

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In a meanwhile, a reddit user, e1ghtSpace has some sum to hillside a updated chronicle to a prior iOS 6.1.3 though SHSH blobs. The apparatus is called OdysseusOTA that can work with inclination launched in 2011 or some-more specifically, a iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Both of these inclination run on a same A5 chip and can be downgraded to iOS 6.1.3 regulating a aforementioned OdysseusOTA.

Downgrade iPhone 4S And iPad 2 To iOS 6.1.3, No SHSH Blobs Required

To be some-more proficient over a inclination that support downgrading to iOS 6.1.3, they should be on iOS 5.0.1 or 5.1.1 previously. This is since Apple is still in works to pointer a OTAblobs for a iOS 6.1.3 version. Henceforth, a usually dual inclination to have been on iOS 5.0.1 or 5.1.1 are iPhone 4S and iPad 2, holding into comment a final chronicle of iOS 6 was iOS 6.1.6. This authority line apparatus can be used to perform users wish to hillside to a dual year aged iOS 6.

This apparatus will usually work on inclination that have been on iOS 5.0.1 or (possibly) iOS 5.1.1. This means that usually a iPad 2 and a iPhone 4S is supported.

Why? Because Apple finished a mistake in their formula and inclination that are on one of a dual mentioned iOS’s MUST refurbish to iOS 6.1.3 (if they are updating around OTA) in sequence for their mistreat to be means to refurbish to latest iOS version.

Can Apple stop people from regulating this exploit?

No since afterwards inclination on iOS 5.0.1 or iOS 5.1.1 would not be means to refurbish around OTA.

For a some-more live operation, do take note of a video provided:

The routine is technical and should not be put into movement if you’re a newbie or simply haven’t finished things like this before. Results might be inauspicious as a customary device formula might get sterilized in to something else. But how good is that this operation was acheived though any need of SHSH blobs. Usually, we need to save your SHSH blobs for a hillside though this operation has portrayed differently. So what are your skeleton for a downgrade? Will we be giving it a swirl?

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