Published On: Wed, May 13th, 2020

Dotemu Apologises For Confusion Caused By Different Physical Editions Of Streets Of Rage 4

This was unequivocally mismanaged, though we can’t find it in me to protest too most as we was never going to sequence a super singular book anyway. we competence have been tempted by a somewhat some-more costly book with a steelbook and OST CD, as we adore those things, though profitable a lot of additional income for a steelbook PLUS a unchanging box PLUS another large cosmetic box and no CD usually didn’t make clarity for me (not a fan of regulating additional cosmetic for boxes that have no tangible use), and a Signature Edition done even reduction clarity as finish pins and a inexpensive bandana (and wow, another box!) are not unequivocally things we need.

And we couldn’t caring reduction if my book is ultra limited, super singular or usually somewhat limited. we unequivocally usually wanted to have a earthy copy.

So if we get a giveaway CD out of this uncanny mess, I’ll be a really happy camper. No steelbook, though whatevs.

(No offense meant to people who are critical diversion collectors and indeed wish all that additional stuff. It’s usually not my thing.)

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