Published On: Wed, Nov 20th, 2019

Don Your Spacesuit For Hilarity, Heartbreak And Point-And-Click Puzzles In Still There, Out Today On Switch

Still There taps into this capillary while also adding copiousness of humour and puzzles.

Coming from Ghostshark Games and dropping on Switch eShop today, we are Karl, user of a space-lighthouse famous as Bento. Every day is most a same, that is until we accept a puzzling radio summary from George Clooney…

Okay, we done adult a bit about George Clooney, though a radio summary is loyal and apparently how to make a ideal coffee does underline in a game, so we’re certain beautiful George would be happy to be involved. As we can see from a trailer above, Still There involves traffic with AI, removing on with a day-to-day tasks of gripping a Bento ship-shape as good as eventually traffic with some dim law as we counterpart into a abyss and, inevitably, a abyss peers right behind during ya.

Here are some of a pivotal facilities as highlighted by a central blurb:

– Maintain your space beacon by elucidate brain-bending puzzles and completing your daily tasks. Urine might be involved.
– Respond to puncture situations, take critical decisions while we uncover a romantic story of Karl’s past.
– Engage in waggish conversations with Gorky, a station’s AI.
– Confront formidable issues, such as basin and grief, in a deeply immersive narrative.
– Soak adult a nostalgia with overwhelming retro graphics and visuals.

The game’s out currently on a eShop for $14.99 / €14.99 / £13.49 depending on your region, nonetheless there’s a 10% launch discount. If you’re into your lonesome, contemplative science-fiction films, or we suffer a giggle and some puzzles, this could be value resolutely going for.

Let us know if Still There gets your retro rockets banishment with a brief missive below.

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