Published On: Sat, Apr 30th, 2022

Does it smell like teen spirit, or teen bankruptcy?

Hello and acquire behind to Equity, a podcast about a business of startups, where we empty a numbers and shade behind a headlines.

This was a live week! Which meant that Mary Ann Azevedo was on a mic with Alex Wilhelm, and Grace Mendenhall, a ever-trusty producer, helped us energy through. A large shoutout to Dennis, Julio, and Yashad for removing all a tech operative well.

Right, what did we dive into during a live taping? A lot!

  • The latest from a Elon Musk-Twitter saga, including a amicable media company’s gain and how it is rather supportive to marketplace sentiment; Musk won’t have gigantic room with that to scheme once he owns Twitter.
  • For rounds of a week, Mary Ann chatted by a new Umaro lift — who doesn’t adore articulate about bacon? — and Alex picked a latest from a self-driving front.
  • From there it was time to speak layoffs during Robinhood and other companies, focused around how some companies that did good in a pestilence are now pang from what could be described as during slightest a hangover.
  • And we sealed with records on Copper and Step and a ethics of teenagers investing in crypto. Which led us to doubt putting crypto in your 401k. Views vary!

Equity is behind Monday! Chat then!

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