Published On: Wed, Feb 17th, 2021

Dixa acquires Elevio, a ‘knowledge management’ height assisting brands urge patron support

Dixa, a Danish patron support height earnest some-more personalised patron support, has acquired Melbourne-based “knowledge management” SaaS Elevio to accelerate a product and record offerings.

The understanding is pronounced to be value around $15 million, in a mixed of money and Dixa shares. This sees Elevio’s possess VC investors exit, and Elevio’s founders and employees incentivised as partial of a Dixa family, according to Dixa co-founder and CEO, Mads Fosselius.

“We have looked during many partners within this space over a years and eventually motionless to partner with Elevio as they have what we trust is a best resolution in a market,” he tells me. “Dixa and Elevio have worked together given 2019 on several business and good brands by a clever and parsimonious formation between a dual platforms. Dixa has also used Elevio’s products internally and to support a possess business for self service, believe bottom and assistance center”.

Fosselius says that this “close partnership, clever integration, singular tech” and a flourishing series of mutual business eventually led to a contention late final year, and a dual companies motionless to go on a tour together to “disrupt a universe of patron service”.

“The merger comes with many engaging opportunities though it has been driven by a product/tech concentration and is rarely product and height vital for us,” he explains. “We prolonged ago concurred that they have a best believe product in a market. We could have built a possess believe government complement though with such a clever product already out there, built with a identical tech smoke-stack as ours and with a really aligned prophesy and enlightenment fit to Dixa, we felt this was a no brainer”.

Dixa, a patron rendezvous platform, picks adult $36M Series B

Founded in 2015 by Jacob Vous Petersen and Mads Fosselius, Dixa wants to finish bad patron use with a assistance of record that claims to be means to promote some-more personalised patron support. Originally dubbed a “customer friendship” platform, a Dixa cloud-based program works opposite mixed channels — including phone, chat, e-mail, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and SMS — and employs a intelligent routing complement so a right support requests strech a right people within an organisation.

Broadly speaking, a height competes with Zendesk, Freshdesk and Salesforce. However, there’s also overlie with Intercom in propinquity to live discuss and messaging, and maybe MessageBird with a attempted enlargement to turn an “Omnichannel Platform-as-a-Service” (OPaaS) to simply capacitate companies to promulgate with business on any channel of their choosing.

Meanwhile, Elevio is described as bridging a opening between patron support and believe management. The height helps support agents some-more simply entrance a right answers when communicating with customers, and concurrently enables end-users to get information and superintendence to solve common issues for themselves.

Machine training is employed so that a scold support calm is supposing formed on a user’s query or persisting discussion, while also alerting patron support teams when papers need updating. The Australian association also claims that formulating user guides regulating Elevio doesn’t need any technical skills and says a “embeddable assistant” enables support calm to be delivered in-product or injected into any area of a website “without involving developers”.

Adds a Dixa CEO : “Customer support agents still spend a lot of time assisting business with a same form of questions over and over again. Together with Elevio we are means to safeguard that agents are given a event to quick replicate best use answers, ensuring fast, stereotyped and scold answers for customers. Elevio is a universe personality in requesting appurtenance training to solve this problem”.

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