Published On: Tue, Aug 1st, 2017

Distribution Stats Reveal iOS 10 Adoption Reaches 87 Percent On All iOS Devices

iOS 11 is now a work in swell and rests in a beta phase. Most probably, it will be expelled alongside Apple’s large proclamation of a arriving high-end flagship, a iPhone 8. Moreover, iOS 10 has been with us for roughly a year and there’s no doubt, a ascent was value it, deliberation a volume of forward-facing facilities combined to a table. Now, as per a dedicated placement territory on Apple’s support page, iOS 10 is now using on 87 percent of all iOS devices. So let’s dive in to see some some-more sum on a firmware’s adoption rate.

iOS 10 Is Running On 87 Percent Of All Active iOS Devices

Soon after an iOS ascent is released, we see a outrageous cube of a sum series embarking on a latest firmware. We will knowledge a same with a recover of iOS 11 as well. At this indicate in time, while iOS 10 is commissioned on 87 percent of all active iOS devices. Around 9 percent of a users are still using iOS 9. In further to this, some-more or reduction 3 percent of a inclination are also using an even progressing firmware version. There are several reason since people would opt to sojourn on their horde iOS firmware rather than upgrading to a latest one.

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First and foremost, people suffer jailbreaking their devices, if it is accessible for their horde iOS firmware. They would slight upgrading to a latest build in an try to keep a status. This is since upgrading would fundamentally patch adult a feat or disadvantage that authorised them to jailbreak to start with. Furthermore, some active iOS inclination are resting on a comparison firmware since they do not support a latest build. My iPad mini 2, for instance, is using iOS 9. This is a max that it went and afterwards it did not accept an iOS 10 update. There are several other reasons since an people would select to sojourn on a comparison build.

In contrariety to iOS, Android lacks a lot behind when we pronounce of inclination upgrading to a latest build available. The latest and biggest Android Nougat is using on usually 11.5 percent of a devices. Around 31.8 percent of inclination are using Android Marshmallow. Moreover, there is a outrageous series of inclination using an even comparison chronicle of Android.

iOS 11 will underline a brood of new additions in terms of visuals as good as underneath a hood improvements. So do stay tuned as we announce a attainment and execute we an honest discernment on a firmware.

This is all for now, folks. What are your thoughts on iOS 10’s adoption rate merely a month before iOS 11’s release? Share your views in a comments.

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