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Disney Dreamlight Valley "Missions In Uncharted Space" Update Patch Notes Are Now Live | #1 Technology News Source by Kalen2utech
Published On: Tue, Dec 6th, 2022

Disney Dreamlight Valley "Missions In Uncharted Space" Update Patch Notes Are Now Live

Image: Gameloft

The Disney Dreamlight Valley refurbish — that adds a new realm, new characters, and loads some-more — is roughly here, and forward of a Dec 6th release, we’ve been sanctified with a full patch notes.

Here are a highlights:

  • Optimised diversion fortitude on Nintendo Switch
  • Functional fireplaces
  • The ability to buy iron ingots
  • Feed critters mixed times per day
  • Actually looking during a camera in selfie mode

And here are a full patch records for tomorrow — there isn’t any info on new content, only tweaks and updates, so don’t worry about spoiling a surprises!

Missions in Uncharted Space Update Patch Notes

New features

  • We are now entirely concordant with Steam Deck and accurate by Steam.
  • Optimized diversion fortitude on all platforms. In particular, we put a substantial concentration on optimizing a knowledge on Nintendo Switch, that players should find smoother now. We will continue to weigh a opening of any height and pull for serve improvements and optimizations in arriving updates as partial of Early Access.
  • It’s removing cold outside, so we’ve updated many of a fireplaces in Dreamlight Valley to concede we to manually light them. Exceptions embody a Horned Tavern Fireplace, Cozy Fireplace, Antique Furnace, and Celestial Fireplace.
  • Kristoff has stretched a register of his case to embody a wider operation of equipment (Pssst… there might be some iron ingots in there).
  • Improved timber placement opposite all biomes. This change will make it so that a timber we find in any biome feels reduction random. While parent rates will be somewhat reduction visit than before, any biome will now have a bound set of timber that can parent and will seem in unchanging amounts, holding a guesswork out of gathering.
  • Buffed critter stomachs to concede for even some-more yield sharing. It is now probable to feed critters mixed times per day.
  • Reduced diversion loading times opposite all platforms.
  • Reduced diversion designation size.
  • Improved a loading of in-game resources to yield players with improved performance.
  • Deployed optimizations to revoke chances of support drops that were caused by certain animations.
  • Improved opening and memory use of vast gardens (50+ plants) while gardening.
  • Removed “dried plant” VFX to urge diversion performance.
  • Optimized several VFX to urge diversion performance.
  • Fixed memory leaks that led to reduced opening and crashes in certain circumstances.
  • Improved Item boundary feedback in Furniture Edit Mode by adding a second on-screen counter. The tip opposite marks a series of different equipment placed in a Valley, while a bottom opposite marks a total series of items, including duplicates. This should yield some-more clarity when reaching these limits, as like before, attack possibly extent will forestall players from fixation any some-more equipment in their Valley – singular equipment or sum equipment respectively – until they mislay equipment to make space.

Bug fixes

  • All avatars now have a same animation speeds. Specifically, we will notice that stand watering and cooking animations have been updated to simulate this.
  • We’ve reliable that critters are not conspiring opposite you. Critters that have been befriended by feeding will now rightly seem in a Collection menu.
  • Camera-shy no more! The avatar will now always demeanour during a camera when in selfie mode.
  • Fixed a soft-lock that infrequently occurred when dire a Return to Title Screen button.
  • The Collection menu now updates rightly when new resources are collected.
  • “A Deal with Ursula” quest: Players who formerly had picked adult a Dark Crystal should now be means to finish a quest.
  • “Photo Fervor” quest: The Elephant Graveyard can now be scrupulously photographed.
  • “The Dreamlight Fountain” quest: The Celebration Ribbon will now be scrupulously famous when placed tighten to a fountain.
  • “Part of His World” quest: Players who were encountering a blocker will find a Nautilus consumable has been given back, that should clear progression.
  • “Lair Sweet Lair” quest: When Goofy redecorated his house, he incidentally unnoticed a quest-critical square of paper. It has been recovered and returned to a approaching position in his house.
  • “Peacemakers” quest: Improved collision issues with palm trees to revoke a possibility of Leader Shards and other equipment removing held in them.

The Missions in Uncharted Space refurbish will be accessible to download tomorrow, Dec 6th.

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