Published On: Tue, Jun 29th, 2021

Discord acquires protracted existence startup Ubiquity6

After lifting tens of millions from investors and executing a flattering estimable focus progressing this year, protracted existence startup Ubiquity6 and a group have been acquired by gaming plead app hulk Discord.

The desirous AR startup had lifted $37.5 million from a array of tip investors including Benchmark, First Round, Kleiner Perkins and Google’s Gradient Ventures who were betting on a prophesy of building a consumer-facing height for hosting protracted existence content. Its many new publicly disclosed financing was a $27 million Series B in Oct of 2018.

Terms of a Discord merger weren’t disclosed, yet in new months a startup seemed to desert many of a products it had spent a initial several years building, suggesting that Ubiquity6 had been carrying some issues anticipating far-reaching audiences for a products.

Ubiquity6 nabs $10.5 million from tip investors to build a deeper protracted reality

Launching behind in 2017, Ubiquity6 hoped to build an app that would be a executive approach mobile phone users would crop protracted existence content. In late 2019, a startup launched a product called Displayland, that directed to gamify a routine of 3D scanning earthy environments with a smartphone’s camera.

The company’s efforts to find mass adoption were hampered by a mobile AR market, that has mostly unsuccessful to benefit any movement in new years notwithstanding large investment from tech giants, including Apple and Google.

In early 2020, CEO Anjney Midha told TechCrunch that a startup had some 65 employees.

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In new months, Ubiquity6 had executed a flattering extreme pivot, withdrawal protracted existence totally behind in preference of building out a desktop height that authorised users to play elementary online celebration games together remotely. The beta platform, called Backyard, was designed for pestilence epoch habits that seem to be on a decrease as a US springs behind into action. Backyard was dropped this week as partial of a merger announcement.

In a Medium post announcing a acquisition, Midha seems to downplay any expectations that Ubiquity6’s protracted existence record will be vital on inside Discord.

“Our goal during Ubiquity6 has always been to clear new ways for people to bond by common experiences,” Midha wrote. “Joining Discord currently allows us to accelerate that goal — Ubiquity6’s team, Backyard product and multiplayer record will be integrated into Discord.”

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