Published On: Fri, Aug 28th, 2015

Direct Messenger Is An Unofficial Twitter DM App

I can’t wait to see @alex good tears of fun when Twitter finally releases a standalone Twitter DM app. This day hasn’t come yet, though it doesn’t meant that third-party developers aren’t already operative on it. Meet Direct Messenger, an unaccepted iOS messaging app for Twitter DM. This app packs a integrate of nifty features, though also shows because we severely need an central Twitter DM app.

Direct Messenger isn’t nonetheless another Twitter customer for iOS. It usually does one thing — promulgation and receiving approach messages. When we open a app, we get a list of your final private conversations. The review shade is suggestive of Facebook Messenger. Right above your keyboard, there are a few shortcuts to supplement other forms of calm to your messages.

You can send a photo, your location, stickers and voice recordings. All of this is great, though Twitter doesn’t support many of these summary formats. For instance, when we send your plcae by Direct Messenger, a app takes a screenshot of your stream plcae on a map, uploads it to Amazon S3 and sends a couple to your recipient. It doesn’t demeanour local during all for your recipients if they aren’t regulating Direct Messenger.

The same thing is loyal for stickers and even photos — Direct Messenger doesn’t support local print attachments. If we are regulating Direct Messenger, a app will automatically change these Amazon S3 URLs into a tangible content. But chances are many of your friends aren’t regulating Direct Messenger.

If we review a summary in a central Twitter app, Direct Messenger doesn’t symbol it as read. Finally, due to API stipulations as well, Direct Messenger doesn’t support organisation DMs.

Other than that, a app works as expected. It’s a good approach to entrance your messages most some-more fast — it’s purify and good designed. In other words, Direct Messenger is a nifty small explanation of concept. The developer had to work around stream API restrictions and has finished a good pursuit to make it as seamless as possible. Twitter is obliged of a shortcomings listed above, not Direct Messenger.

For all these reasons, we can’t assistance though consider that Twitter needs to work on a Twitter DM app. Many new updates prove a renewed joining to approach messages, though there is no pointer of a dedicated mobile app usually yet. DMs don’t lift a 140-character extent anymore, we can make organisation conversations, send photos and videos, quote tweets and more.

If usually Twitter could stop tweaking a colors of the categorical app and build a messaging app, that could be a great. Heavy Twitter users have usually been watchful for this suppositious app for years.

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