Published On: Tue, Feb 16th, 2016

Dione Divided – Dione Appears Cut in Two By Saturn’s Rings

In this newly expelled Cassini booster image, Dione appears cut in dual by Saturn’s razor-thin rings. This stage was prisoner from only 0.02 degrees above a ring plane.

The splendid streaks of Dione’s wispy turf are seen nearby a moon’s prong during right. The medium-sized void Turnus (63 miles, 101 kilometers, wide) is manifest along Dione’s terminator.

The picture was taken in manifest light with a Cassini booster narrow-angle camera on Dec 25, 2015. The perspective was acquired during a stretch of approximately 1.4 million miles (2.3 million kilometers) from Dione and during a Sun-Dione-spacecraft, or phase, angle of 115 degrees. Image scale is 8.6 miles (13.8 kilometers) per pixel.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

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