Published On: Fri, Aug 7th, 2015

Did Virtual Reality Just Have Its Google Glass “Shower” Moment?


If we followed a Google Glass saga, we remember that all started out flattering hunky dory. There was an sparkling demo that enclosed people jumping out of a plane. Then there were developers in line to compensate $1,500 to have a play with them and build apps for a hardware.

It was a developer-only program. What could go wrong?

In a early days of Glass, countless folks tighten to a plan complained plainly to me about one thing over and over again. Why would someone give a span of Glass to obvious record preacher and former Microsoft worker Robert Scoble? we knew accurately what they were articulate about.

The “shower” incident.

The BuzzFeed headline? “This Photo Of A Man Showering With Google Glass Will Haunt You For The Rest Of Your Life”

And a photo. Oh, a terrible terrible photo:


There are many who still work during Google who tremble during a suspicion of Glass in a showering with Scoble. In a way, it stalled all of a goodwill movement a association had built adult around a unconventional project. Here it was, on this unchanging guy’s face. In a shower. Getting ruined. For no genuine reason, honestly.

Glass was now for nerds. Geeks. They were a toy. A joke.

Today? Virtual existence competence have had a “shower moment.” An arriving Time repository cover, featuring Palmer Luckey, owner of Oculus Rift, finished a debut:


Uh oh. People are carrying a margin day with it already. There are charcterised GIFs, jokes, facepalms and, yes, a not-so-fond sign of that terrible day in Glass history.

VR is a meme. Again. SHIT.

You see, when introducing new record to unchanging folks, that is apparently essential to bringing something mainstream, there’s a movement that contingency be kept adult to keep them meddlesome before it gets into their hands. We’re a few years divided from mom and father seeking for a VR headset, though not a few years divided from them being meddlesome in them or wanting to try yours out.

Oculus, in particular, had finished a torpedo pursuit bringing practical existence to mainstream conversations. The fact that it was acquired by Facebook didn’t hurt. Maybe it is cool. Maybe it will be mainstream.

But then…

This cover story puts a weakest partial of VR on display, a nonsensical full-face-mask nerdery. Who reads TIME? Normals. And people don’t like change — generally when it comes to personal technology.

This sold cover uses a term liberally and it’s not a good demeanour for Oculus, and by association…VR. Instead of being a cold choice to staring during a phone or computer, an encouragement of your stream perspective, it’s a spaceman-looking member for Star Trek fans.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 during 12.53.05 PM

The “shower incident” put a garland of people off of a thought of wearing something on their face, either it was meant for them or not. Glass isn’t “dead,” though it will substantially finish adult being used in an craving environment primarily. It was “dead” before it was “alive.”

Let’s wish a same doesn’t go for practical reality.

UPDATE: 11 mins after publishing…there’s this. Pretty good, Internet.

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