Published On: Fri, Mar 15th, 2019

Did Gearbox Software Just Share An Image Of Borderlands 2 For Nintendo Switch?

Borderlands 2

As we get closer to PAX East 2019 during a finish of this month, some-more developers and publishers are starting to provoke arriving projects. One of these companies is Gearbox Software, a group behind titles such as Borderlands, Battleborn and Bulletstorm.

Over a past few days, Gearbox has been pity a array of images on a Twitter comment and many recently uploaded a pixelated picture that has been identified as Borderlands 2. If we aren’t informed with this title, this is a diversion from 2012 that’s already been expelled on only about each complicated video diversion platform, solely for a Nintendo Switch.

Of course, this has now got fans of a array meditative a raider shooter supplement is entrance to Nintendo’s hybrid device. If it does happen, surprisingly it wouldn’t be a initial time a diversion has been expelled on a unstable device – with a diversion formerly ported to a PSP Vita and Shield devices.

Gearbox is hosting a PAX East 2019 row on 28th March. If any Borderlands announcements are done for Nintendo Switch, we’ll be certain to let we know.

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