Published On: Fri, Sep 29th, 2017

DICE: SWBFII To Get Much More But Smaller Content Updates; Corner Camping Should Be Less of an Issue

With a Star Wars Battlefront II beta scheduled to strike all platforms subsequent week, several DICE developers have begun responding village doubt on a game’s subreddit.

In particular, DICE’s Level Designer petervesti revealed some new tidbits of information. To start with, he pronounced that post-launch support (confirmed by Electronic Arts to be free) for Star Wars Battlefront II should be really opposite from Battlefield 1.

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It won’t be a same as Battlefield 1 for sure. There will be most some-more though smaller calm updates etc. Hopefully it will feel like there’s some-more things going on – on a unchanging basement rather than watchful months for another outrageous calm drop.

As a turn designer, a DICE worker afterwards dived into gameplay mechanics such as dilemma camping and throttle points.

Corner camping we consider is reduction of an emanate due to a altered 3rd chairman camera – it’s privately not something we have gifted a lot so distant anyway. If we demeanour for gameplay from Battlefront 2015 and Battlefront 2, we can see that a 3rd chairman camera in a new diversion is closer to a character. This means we can demeanour around walls and such reduction than before.

Choke points is always a really prohibited topic. It also has for this growth and on Battlefield 1. It’s good for pacing/action/experience to have sections or areas where everybody is fighting in tighten vicinity – however when it’s too most and all turns into a stand-off or explosions everywhere it can be a really bad experience.
It’s something we are really wakeful of and something we will guard and repair in a diversion for sure. we don’t consider it’s going to be a large emanate – when we see that kind of gameplay we all prominence it and try to repair it.

The some-more slight third chairman camera perspective competence also assistance change things with a discretionary first-person camera. We’ll see about that once Star Wars Battlefront II hits earthy and practical shelves on Nov 17th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

DICE also expelled a new singular actor trailer. You can find it below.

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